Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

OK, I know you are all sick of seeing the "jump roping pictures, but look how well she is doing by herself. I am not even holding her. She is balancing while turning the rope. You have got to see it and fell it to believe me. I will stop with the jump rope pics...for at least today!

Today is my dad's birthday. We had a fun birthday dinner for him. Josie and Luke were busy this afternoon making cards and wrapping gifts. We had to re wrap a few because Luke really enjoyed opening them!

Josie went back to school today. She didn't have all her energy back but boy does that kid have tenacity. She played jump rope as you can see from the picture above. Just before the bell rang to go in she actually asked to sit on her bike. She got a bit tired.

A sad moment happened for her today. At PE the kids run 2 laps around the field. Today when the teacher told them to run, Josie burst into tears. She just kept saying, "I want to run with them. I want to run." I tried to reinforce what great progress she is making and that one day soon she will be able to run with them. She has never had a moment like this where the reality really hit that she just couldn't do it. I try to let her do everything to the best of our capability that the rest of the kids are doing. We even ran relay races together last week. It just broke my heart to her the words I just want to run. Someday soon my love. Keep working hard and you too will run. (Przemek - I hope you are listening..hehe..she wants to run, not just walk. We need you, Sylwia and Liz to work your magic!)

After school we had our Brownie meeting. I am so lucky to have the nicest group of girls. They were all in kindergarten together and we have stayed together as a troop since then. We are selling cookies if anyone is just dying for some Girl Scout cookies. It is such a treat to be the leader. It is so laid back, but we all have a good time. Thank you Katie Budde for letting us use your room!!

Please keep our friends, The Breedens, in your prayers. Their new baby boy, Makoa, is having a hard time. They aren't receiving great medical news but he was born into the most wonderful family that will give him the best of what he needs and fight for him. This is actually Tracy's (Josie's aid from last year) sister.

We get to go see Teresa in the hospital tomorrow. Will update tomorrow night.
Our best, Jenny and Josie

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