Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Josie and Teresa

Modeling her new pajamas that she wouldn't get out of all day!!

Walking to do her homework in her PJs

Got there!!! Such a Champ in her new PJs.

Josie and Teresa are officially 8 and a HALF today. Josie has been trying to say she was 8 1/2 since she turned 8. Now she finally can. She is also much better on her half birthday. I kept her home from school and therapy and she seems to be full recovered now. She can go back to school tomorrow and to her Brownie meeting after that. She did a good job writing her book report today. Writing isn't her favorite past time, but she is getting more proficient in it. That fine motor task of writing seems to be challenging. She also did a fair amount of walking today. She has begun to really pick up her knees more when she steps and doesn't drag her toes quite as much.

We get to go see her orthopedic surgeons on Wednesday. No one in the clinic has seen her walk yet not to mention to see her without her braces on her feet. I can't wait to show them the progress. They are going to be truly shocked. I hope now we can do a motion gait study on her and see what we find compared to what she was doing before we left. Before we left, they just need her to be a bit more proficient in her walker. She graduated out of that walker where she was strapped in, graduated out of the push walker with nothing holding her to just canes. That is huge for 5 months. That would be huge for a 3 year span. I love looking back on what she has accomplished. Better yet, she is with canes and doesn't even have to be cued. She wasn't even doing that when we left Michigan. I never tell her what foot or cane to move next. OK, enough of the reminiscing...

As for Teresa, I just got off the phone with Werner. They have found a very rare fungus infection in one of the shunts. No one has any idea how this has happened. They are confident that it is treatable. Unfortunately, they are going to have to externalize the shunt again, run a course of anti fungal treatment and then put the shunt back in the head. This is always risky because a shunt that is coming out of a head is a direct path for infection to go straight into the brain. They will monitor her very closely. Over all she is in good spirits being her feisty old self. Josie will get to visit her after her doctors appointment there on Wednesday. Will keep you posted as we get more information.

Off to organize the Brownie meeting for tomorrow. Our troop is so adorable and they have so much fun together. I am lucky to be their leader. Ciao, Jenny and Josie

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