Sunday, January 31, 2010

Me and My Shadow

We have been out in the desert this weekend. Josie was walking outside she realized that she could see her shadow while she was walking. She has never been ever able to move her own shadow. She was so excited. It is fun to see the stuff that we all take for granted.

We had a fun weekend. Josie got to swim with Natalie Walklett on Saturday. We really just took it easy by swimming, playing, go on golf cart rides. It was nice to be out in the warm sun. Josie did have to work a little hard with walking. She lost some of her strength after being sick last week. It is amazing how quickly it disappears. We go back to Liz tomorrow so hopefully with her help she will regain the bit she lost.

We are getting ready to start our week. I am hoping that we will get closer to finding an aid for school. I love being there but it isn't the right thing for either of us. Keep your fingers crossed. Our best, Jenny and Josie

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