Thursday, January 21, 2010


I officially have a new found sympathy for Seattle and Portland. The rain is great when you know that it is temporary. It has been exciting watching it all. We aren't in any danger and neither is Josie's school. My parents live on a canyon and we have been watching the mud rush down it. Pictures above. At least or trees are still green, the flowers are blooming and we aren't under 10 feet of snow.

Rainy day schedule at school has been interesting the past few days. The kids have enjoyed the unusual weather. Bless the teachers during this time. I went to an IEP for Josie this morning. I am so encouraged with the teachers she is working with this year. I love the commitment they have made to Josie and to all the kids. Josie has increased her writing ability in just these few short weeks. She even read to me tonight with some decent fluency.

Teresa is still in the hospital. Even though they fixed the shunt in her brain, she has still been in a lot of pain. They did a spinal MRI today and found that she has Srynix(sp?). This is cysts on the spinal cord that can happen because of pooling of fluid after bouts of meningitis. Dr. Kreiger is reviewing the case to determine the best course of action. Hopefully she will qualify for the oral medication route and not the surgery route. We will know tomorrow. Josie and I will try to sneak into her room this weekend to see her.

Josie just woke up with a low fever, complaints of hand and foot pain and a swollen head (one advantage of not having a skull is you can keep track of the swelling). Wish us to figure out what the heck is going on. She had such a great and happy day. I hope it isn't anything, especially her shunt. Bye, Jenny

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