Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hi all- We just returned home from a great week in the desert. It was hard to leave the 79 degree weather, but was elated to see that it was that warm at home. What a nice way to start out the new year. We had fun this evening celebrating my sister, Stephanie's birthday. Her birthday is really tomorrow, but it worked out better to celebrate tonight. Josie is so excited to start school tomorrow. I have been trying to scramble around here tonight to get us organized for the big day we are going to have tomorrow. I came to realize as I was just about to jump in bed that I packed away her back pack somewhere in our garage. Yikes, that is like putting it in the black hole. Oh well, we can always find a new one. Josie leaves after lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays so we can get out to therapy. I need to be packed for a whole day of fun and a whole day of food for her. School is challenging enough. Can't wait to get her back to her routine. I will be with her until we find yet another new aid. Off to bed. Jenny and Josie
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