Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dinner with the Michigan Dream Team

Przemek, Sylvia, Holly, Max, Josie and I

After a great day of therapy, we got to go out and enjoy dinner with the team. We so rarely get to socialize because we are always "working". Josie enjoyed going with them so she could laugh and joke with them instead of just concentrating with them. Sylvia and Przemek son, Max, is one year older then Josie so she enjoyed the company of someone her own age. She is doing a good job in her adult world here but nice to have someone her age to play DS with and tell jokes. Holly was great to organize the evening. Next time we get to go to Przemek and Sylvia's for a home cooked authentic Polish dinner.

We officially accepted Pibb, Josie's dog, today. It looks like he will return to us November 19th. We will be trained for a few days and then fly home. This will delay our return home by a few days but will be worth it. Josie is overjoyed now that we have made the official decision. Bless Sarah and all at Cares Inc for making this such a wonderful thing for Josie. I look forward watching her make even bigger strides with the dog. The dog remains in Kansas until his arrival learning some "Josie" specific commands. We already miss you Mr. Pibb.

I just got word today that Teresa, Josie's twin sister, has been in the hospital the past week and a half. Apparently they thought she had meningitis again but the bacteria didn't grow out of the culture. From my understanding she is on IV antibiotics for her fever. We pray that she gets well soon. We love you Miss Teresa.

Two more days and then we return home for a week break. Josie needs to keep up the hard work for the next 2 days. Our best to all, Jenny and Josie

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