Monday, September 14, 2009

Let the games begin!!

Przemek and Sylvia are back and rearing to go. They are rested and reenergized and Josie felt it today. Yeah! When we were driving up the street almost to therapy today she says to me, "hey mom, are you going to run in and hug Sylvia and Przemek?" I said, "I don't know are you." She said, "No I am not going to run but I am going to walk in and hug then really tight." I asked, "You know what this means to have them back?" and she said, "yeah I have to work real hard." I love how much she missed them and trusts them. She actually feeds off of what they are instructing her to do. She knows this is her chance. She is very wise in certain areas for an 8 year old.

She did indeed work very hard for Sylvia today. Sylvia said she had a great attitude, tried really hard and was full of joy all workout and Sylvia didn't go light on her. Josie did corner standing where she stands in the corner and pulls herself off the wall into standing and tries to hold it. She has been unsuccessful to this point, but today she held it for 25 seconds. It is amazing to see her free standing. Parallel bars and walker went really well, but canes were a struggle. She was trying but wasn't mastering the task today. She also didn't use them much with Richard last week so she may need to brush up on them. However, when we got home she wanted something out of the refrigerator so I had her use her canes instead of the walker and she did pretty well.

Today was a good day for both of us. I think I was too tired yesterday with a migraine and wasn't the most fun mom. We got through the reading and homework tonight with smiles on both our faces. Task accomplished. Thanks for those who are reading this. You give us support to keep on the path. Love, Jenny and Josie

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