Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Josie hooked up in the "spider" jumping and doing step ups

Josie had an exciting time jumping in the cage today. She was hooked up in the bungees and learned to bend her knees and the jump up and pull her feet off the ground. She was very proud. She is working really well with Richard this week. Sylvia and Przemek are on vacation. He is really hitting her with a lot of strength training. Sylvia will be pleased when she gets back at how much more strength she will have to work with. Josie is getting quite proficient walking through the house with her walker. She loves to tell me, "Mom I will meet you at the table." I pretend to still need to get something out of the cupboard while she walkers herself to the table. Great to see the independence increase. She is so proud. She wanted to help Jeanie cook dinner tonight so she got to toss the salad. Simple pleasures. We are off to bed since therapy is a little earlier this week and we are having a terrible time having to set an alarm!! Best to all, Jenny and Josie

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