Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Hot Chili Steppers are back

Hot Chili Steppers

Katelynn and Josie

Josie and I ran in the Grosse Pointe Rotary Run this morning. We run about four 5Ks a year together. Right before the our first race ever, Josie decided that we were a team and that we should have a name. She named us the Hot Chili Steppers and we even have a little cheer that we do before each race. We both have a roll in our team. She is the captain and tells me where to go and if we are turning, etc. I am just the horse with working running legs(if you can call them that). We do have a great time doing these races. She sits in the jogger the whole race and then runs down the finish line at the end. She is my inspiration. The run today was all along Lake St. Clair. What a perfect morning.

After the run, we got to spend the whole day with the Harriet Hull family. It is so great to see all the cousins again. We are blessed to be around these wonderful people. Josie enjoyed the kids. Our love to all, Jenny and Josie

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